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Company Profile

Established in 2018, Lunray Medical is headquartered in Shenzhen, the world's advanced manufacturing capital, close to a hardware manufacturing base that holds global superior resources. Relying on the world's outstanding software talents, the company integrates R&D, design and manufacturing to make medical devices with excellent performance in affordable prices. Through a global sales network, we provide self-innovating medical products to more than 24 countries and regions.

Lunray Medical's entrepreneurial team is an elite team obsessed with technology. For more than 20 years, they have written the lowest level code of LINUX, and have developed from MCU assembly language to embedded intelligent system. We independently research and develop efficient and streamlined underlying operating systems, write high-performance hardware drivers on our own, and design simple and user-friendly human-computer interaction interfaces.

Our products are designed according to functional modules, so that we have the extremely fast stacking ability of building blocks, which can quickly carry out ODM and OEM for customers' personalized needs, and greatly shorten the market cycle of new products.

The company has three product lines: laser physiotherapy, laser dentistry, and life monitoring. Our products cover two fields of human medicine and animal medicine.

For future development, Lunray will continue to innovate products and optimize the supply chain. We firmly believe that only significant therapeutic effects can be recognized by customers and only highly cost-effective products can embrace more customers. It is our belief to continuously provide products and services that exceed customer needs.

In addition, Lunray also actively forms a united community with global users and partners on the road to development. We insist on applauding for innovation, excelling through cooperation, building technology and industry ecology with an open, collaborative and win-win mentality, and jointly promoting the healthy and virtuous development of the industry.


Enterprise advantages

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