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High power laser therapy

High Power Laser Therapy Illuminates Your Health

State-of-the-art Multi-wavelength Laser Technology for Professional Therapy

LunMed® is one of the most powerful and advanced therapeutic laser on the market. LunMed utilizes different wavelengths(650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 1064nm) and mechanisms of action of biological tissues, high power density(peak power 26.2W) and depth of penetration of tissues, continuous and pulsed (up to 20KHz) biostimulation to achieve faster, more effective and wide range of clinical indications: Muscle and joint pain, sports injury, anti-inflammatory, postoperative recovery, etc.

High power laser therapy
The LunMed Is Ideal for Beginner and Advanced Users
Fast and Accurate

The intelligent navigation system helps doctors quickly and accurately enter the treatment process from hundreds (>300) treatment process.

Safer and Smarter

It automatically prompts the selection of matching treatment optical TIP, providing primary physicians with safe and effective operations.

The Operation Process Is Simple and Intuitive

Start treatment

1. Start treatment

Selected site disease

2. Select the treatment site

Light out preparation

3. Ready


4. Treatment

Start treatment
Selected site disease
Light out preparation

Expert Mode Customizes and Personalizes Treatment Plan for Patients

Only LUNMED's super software system can provide professional doctors with various parameters such as power, frequency and treatment phases at each wavelength to match them with the optimal treatment protocols.

Frequency setting
Frequency setting
Power setting
Power setting
Stage setting
Stage setting

LunMed Is The Most Valuable New Generation Therapy Laser

It can match or even surpass the world's top brands, including future brands, in the fields of laser technology, hardware, software, accessories, clinics and services.

The Most Advanced Hardware System in The Industry

Multi-core redundant hardware, professional medical-grade multi-wavelength laser, multi-channel high power and high-frequency laser control, safety control and alarm, high-power cooling system.

hardware system

The Most Powerful and Intelligent Software System in The World

Benefiting from the best hardware and intelligent systems, LUNMED provides users with ultra-intelligent and advanced human-computer interaction systems, hardware control systems and algorithms.

software system

Hundreds of real clinical treatment options offer quick and easy use for beginners, as well as a safe range of independent definitions for professional physicians. We provide partners with a more open and bottom layers and application layers.

clinical treatment

Professional Handpiece Can Be Customized

The standard optical handpiece contains a variety of treatment TIPS , but more specialized treatment TIPS can also be customized.

customized Handpiece


Laser Type LunMed Diode Lasers
Wavelength 650nm+810nm
Maximum Power 200mW+10W+10W 200mW+8W+10W+8W
Operation Mode CW, Pulse
Repetition Rate Up to 20KHz
Pilot Beam Red Diode Laser Of 650nm, Power<5mW
Control Mode 7 inches, The retina screen, 1280*800
Transmission System Optical fiber with metal tube,
with SMA905 connector,
Optical handpiece


Elbow joint
oral cavity
Hip and knee