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Can metal implants be exposed to laser light?

Can metal implants be exposed to laser light?

2023-09-26   453

1. Why do lasers treat sites with metal implants?

Laser stimulation of the formation of new bone is suitable for laser treatment with or without metal implants.

In the experimental test models of normal bone and osteopenia, laser treatment can accelerate implant integration and new bone formation. It enhances osteogenic mediators such as bone morphogenetic proteins and has even been shown to increase the bone implant interface strength. The earlier the implant integrates and vascularized, the less likely it is to be colonized by bacteria. Therefore, using laser treatment in patients who have received bone suture metal implants is desirable and can help prevent osteomyelitis.

It should be noted that if osteomyelitis occurs, laser treatment may help reduce the bacterial number and will improve metabolism in this area, but if you are dealing with osteomyelitis between bone and plate, then your chances of success are limited.


2.How do you use a laser to treat sites with metal implants?

If a metal implant is present on the bone, the laser will not penetrate the metal implant to reach the bone.

So if you want to promote the healing of a fracture or osteotomy where metal implants exist, focus most of the laser energy around it. Instead of focusing on the site of the metal implant, radiate 360 around it to allow the laser energy to better penetrate the fracture / cut line.

3.Does laser exposure heat up the metal implant?

The answer is no, laser irradiation the internal metal implant does not turn it into hot iron on the bone. Because metal implants absorb a tiny percentage of laser energy, the vast majority of the laser energy is reflected, and the laser energy does not penetrate the metal implant.

To prove this, you and your pet owner can hold a metal object with your hands, and then use a laser to illuminate the back of your hand. You and your pet owner will not feel the temperature of the metal object in your hands, so you can rest assured to give laser treatment to small animals with metal implants on the bones.

However, it is important to note that because the metal implant will reflect the laser energy, so the tissue above the metal implant will be double the laser energy, so in the parts of the metal implant, need to reduce the exposure time above the metal implant, and speed up the handle movement, so that most of the laser energy concentrated around the metal implant, so that the parts of the metal implant can better absorb and use the laser energy.